I've written 2 stories for my hurt/comfort bingo which would feel like more progress if I wasn't trying to write 10. Don't even get me started on ladies bingo. Thank god I have a couple months until then. I feel kind of disheartened that I never participated in some of the best aspects of the homestuck fandom, like drone season.

It's weird. I've liked writing for so long but I wrote so little. I'm not sure why. In retrospect, I feel like maybe I just wasn't thinking about it. Was I that depressed, all the time? I don't know. I just wish I'd written more when all these fandoms were active and blossoming. Now they're kinda DOA

It doesn't bother me terribly, because I write for my own satisfaction, but I do wish I had more connectivity with others about it.

Right now I need to work on my Hetalia fic, and then I've just got two doozies left: south park and meenah x vriska. Really intimidated at the prospect of writing Vriska.

I want to join some kind of new fandom, but I feel like it's just all...really degraded??? Idk.
I never did master livejournal. I felt a couple years too young to feel exactly at home there. By the time I really started writing LJ was already getting "phased out" for this shiny new website called Tumblr. I'm not one to trash talk (I am) but tumblr ain't shit these days.

Like...have people always been this mad about fictional incest?? I remember a fair amount of fandom wank in the day but I dunno. Back then so many fandoms focused on underage characters and their sex lives and now it's like...a whole big dramatic thing?? I don't remember anyone talking shit on Host Club. And in the height of the Homestucn hysteria Tumblr was practically a trash can of incestaship

I obviously understand how certain topics may offend others or make people feel uncomfortable or even distressed, but, uh, too bad?! It's art. Slap a warning on it and suck it up. Argh. I shouldn't even get into it.

Anyway, I couldn't fall asleep because the old mania is back at it again. I've just been laying in bed thinking about the stuff I desperately feel I must accomplish. I've got to read 106 pages or flash fiction for my intro to lit class so that should at least by mildly interesting.

I'm working on a "sequel" to my Outsiders fic and thinking I should pick my Avatar Ecstasy oneshot back up again. My to do list for fics is still 25 long, no including 15 or so Drabble ideas I have or my four WIPs. To bring things back around to the invest bit I'm getting pretty into Osomatsu-San. I also started watching Kamen Rider Amazons and I'm not sure what to think. Cheesier than I'm used to and difficult for me to follow but otherwise well done.

I wish I could understand live action as much as animated stuff. Why am I still a child???

I'm planning on signing up for some fandom stuff. Hopefully I can figure out how to work this place. I'm trying to figure out which circles I'm supposed to join, lol.



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