lostlikeme ([personal profile] lostlikeme) wrote2016-09-21 09:16 am

writing about writing

I've written 2 stories for my hurt/comfort bingo which would feel like more progress if I wasn't trying to write 10. Don't even get me started on ladies bingo. Thank god I have a couple months until then. I feel kind of disheartened that I never participated in some of the best aspects of the homestuck fandom, like drone season.

It's weird. I've liked writing for so long but I wrote so little. I'm not sure why. In retrospect, I feel like maybe I just wasn't thinking about it. Was I that depressed, all the time? I don't know. I just wish I'd written more when all these fandoms were active and blossoming. Now they're kinda DOA

It doesn't bother me terribly, because I write for my own satisfaction, but I do wish I had more connectivity with others about it.

Right now I need to work on my Hetalia fic, and then I've just got two doozies left: south park and meenah x vriska. Really intimidated at the prospect of writing Vriska.

I want to join some kind of new fandom, but I feel like it's just all...really degraded??? Idk.